Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pasta & Playdough

Baby Bear's most recent batch of no-cook playdough needed to be replaced today. As I set about collecting the ingredients to make more, I came across my pumpkin pie spice. It had been months since I made pumpkin pie playdough, and just remembering that wonderful smell was enough to convince me to make more! Little did I know that I would get to experience that amazing aroma for over two hours straight!

Shortly after setting Baby Bear down with his new batch of playdough, I had an idea for how to make it even more fun. I reached for the bag of colored pasta on the counter, grabbed a handful, and handed it to Baby Bear to use with is dough. He LOVED mixing the colored pasta with the brown dough! Papa Bear, Baby Bear, and I sat in the breakfast nook for over two hours molding, sculpting, and creating!!! Any parent of a 1-year-old can tell you that this is an amazing feat! You better believe we'll be doing this activity again!

He was a little uncertain at first, but not for long!

Once the playdough and pasta faces started, the creativity just kept rolling! And rolling, and rolling, and rolling...

Pasta-playdough man

Baby Bear surprised Papa Bear and me when all of a sudden he started making his sculpture moo. He came up with the idea of making a cow all by himself! We hadn't even been making animals at this point. He made many more animals after this all on his own. I was so incredibly proud! He was proud of himself, too.

Baby Bear loved the duck Papa Bear made


  1. What a cute idea to add pasta to your playdoh fun. Great work. Jodi @

  2. Oh, what a fun idea!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! I hope you are having a great week!