Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Puffy Paint

After we painted with shaving cream paint a couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about trying puffy paint. I've read about it over and over again on various teacher and mommy blogs over the past several months, so I really couldn't say where I originally got the idea from. I didn't measure to make mine, so if you're looking for an exact recipe, you can type "puffy paint" into a search engine and come up with a list of other people who have perfected their recipes. This is what I did though, and it turned out pretty good. :)

I started by spraying shaving cream into an empty coffee can until it was about half full. Then, I squirted clear Elmer's glue (I'm guessing about 1 1/2T) and a little tempura paint (about 1t--Baby Bear chose yellow). Baby Bear helped me mix them all together, and he painted! I handed him a piece of paper, but that only lasted a few seconds before he was over painting the bathtub. So, I set him inside the tub, handed him the paint and paintbrush, and let him paint the tub! It sure made cleaning up easier! The little bit of paint that did make it onto the paper dried pretty cool... kind of like 3D paint... so we'll have to try this again some time.

This shaving cream is different. It's sticky.

En garde! I will paint you with my new, sticky paint!

OK, Mom, enough with the pictures.

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