Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bug Hunt

One of the many educational toys in my son's collection is a magnifying glass. Until this week, we've been using the magnifying glass indoors to learn about how it makes things appear bigger than they really are. Because of Baby Bear's current fascination with bugs, I decided to take the magnifying glass along for a few of our outdoor play times so we could use it for a bug hunt. (Don't worry, the sun was fairly low on the other side of the house, so we didn't fry any of the bugs we found!)

Baby Bear and I looked for bugs with our naked eyes, and once we found one, he held the magnifying glass over it to make it look bigger. I lost count of how many times he exclaimed, "Wow!" Ants were his favorites to observe. For 4th of July when we let him stay up later for some small fireworks and poppers at home, I plan on bringing the magnifying glass out again so he can more closely observe the fireflies we catch in our jars.

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