Sunday, July 1, 2012

International Mud Day

So Friday, June 29 was International Mud Day, and we celebrated without even knowing about the day! It was a record breaking 108 degrees here that day, and Baby Bear and I were growing restless from being cooped up indoors so much. So, once the house had created a sufficient enough shadow over the backyard, we got out his little pool and played in the refreshingly cold water. Baby Bear loves helping fill his pool, but the water from the hose lands outside the pool just as much as it lands inside, and there is just barely enough of a decline toward the porch steps to make the water pool on the paving stones at the bottom. On this particular day, the water caused a mini-mudslide from the flower beds around the steps. Baby Bear abandoned his pool as soon as he spotted the little mud hole! He spent the rest of our outdoor time cooling down as the pigs do. Suffice it to say, we did not need it to be International Mud Day to enjoy playing in the mud!

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