Thursday, June 7, 2012

Painting with Trucks

Sorry I haven't posted anything these past few days. Baby Bear and I have been battling illness, so caring for that came first. We're slowly feeling better, though, and we are getting back to our normal arts and crafts times.

These past few weeks, Papa Bear and I have been working hard on renovating Baby Bear's bathroom. (By the way, wallpaper is a curse to the people who live in the house after you, especially when it's in layers and has obviously been up for decades. Don't do it! OK, getting off my soap box now.) The walls are now a bright, tranquil, Caribbean-like blue above the chair railing. I'm not quite done painting the rest yet. When I showed Baby Bear his new, blue walls, he kept shouting, "Blue! Blue!" Then, he opened a drawer containing paints and pulled out the blue. He was determined to do his own blue painting! So, I grabbed a piece of paper, his paintbrush, and... a toy truck! I thought he might have fun rolling the truck across the paper to make tire tracks. He did for a while, but mostly he was just happy to be back painting in his own bathroom... and painting himself. Sigh. That's my boy!

I showed him how to use the truck to make tire tracks. He thought the truck should be painted, too.

He alternated between painting himself and rolling the truck across the paper for awhile.

He thought painting himself with the truck was pretty cool, too. :)

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  1. Love the big truck! We love painting with cars too. Next time we will definitely get his big digger in there too. Thanks for the inspiration.