Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flour Tray

Somehow, my son got the idea that the bag of flour he found was for playing with. Don't worry, I caught him before he really got hold of the bag! Maybe he remembered that we used flour when making playdough? I don't know, but he just wouldn't get the idea out of his head. Every time he saw the flour, he would point to it and ask to play. So, after a few days of him asking, I decided to let him use the flour to draw.

I got the idea from the various salt trays that preschool teachers were posting about last school year as a way to help students practice forming letters. I poured a little flour into a baking pan, took Baby Bear outside, and showed him how he could drag his finger through the flour and "draw" a picture. He drew face after face after face in the flour (his current favorite thing to draw), naming the parts as he drew: "Eyes. Nose. Mouse [mouth]. Mush [mustache... I can thank Mr. Potato Head for that one]. Hat." Eventually, he chose to pour the whole tray out, which I figured he would, but I was surprised that he chose to draw for as long as he did before this happened. He sure loves exploring new art mediums!

Yes! Finally! Flour, flour, flour!

Ohhh, so that's what happens when you blow on flour.

I think I'll stick to drawing!

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