Monday, July 23, 2012

Marching Band

I honestly have no idea where Baby Bear got the idea for playing marching band, but lately it's been one of his favorite games. He has shakers, a recorder, jingle bells, a toy drum, and several household items he uses as instruments in his music cabinet at home. At least once a week, Baby Bear will grab one of these instruments, ask Papa Bear and I to each grab one as well, and lead us around the house as he pretends to be the drum major. He is always the drum major. ;)  He even marches and raises his arm up and down like he's waving a baton! Sometimes I will sing or play nursery rhymes on the recorder as we march so he gets the idea of songs having a beat and rhythm. It's a simple game for the whole family.

One idea I've had from Baby Bear's marching band game is to organize a play date with my moms group where the kids can make their own instruments and then march around a park or neighborhood singing songs and playing their instruments. It's fun to play marching band at home, but I bet playing marching band with a whole group of kids would be even better!

Baby Bear leading the way with his jingle bells

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