Saturday, September 29, 2012

Scrabble Letters Coasters

Months ago, I participated in a link-up party in which someone posted an idea for using the letters from an incomplete Scrabble set to make coasters. Silly me, I did not bookmark or pin the idea, I merely kept it tucked away in the back of my mind for later use. Once I did make the coasters, I could not find that particular link-up party, nor choose from the hundreds of similar posts I found on Google to give the person who inspired me their deserved credit. I do thank that blogger, though, for helping me know just what to do with my own incomplete Scrabble set and for helping me provide a few fun coasters for my family.

To make these coasters, I used only two materials: letter tiles and Mod Podge. After my Google search, though, I wish I had thought to use a cork board backing as some of the posts suggested. Using a triple layer of Mod Podge made our coasters pretty sturdy, but not sturdy enough. Two of them broke after Baby Bear stepped on them. We three bears have had a lot of fun with these coasters, though!

Because I placed the letters in no particular order, Papa Bear and I have enjoyed the challenge of trying to make as many words as possible on each of the coasters. It's like playing Boggle every time we pick up our drinks! Baby Bear has also found these coasters entertaining, even going so far as to pack them with his things to take to church and playing with them during car rides! He knows a couple of letters and points them out to Papa Bear and me when he spots them. He also likes when we name other letters for him. Even though we are not specifically teaching him letters yet, these have provided many teachable moments for us to introduce him to some of the letters of the alphabet. Who knew coasters could be so entertaining?

You're playing Boggle right now, aren't you? ;)

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