Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Mosaic Tree

I really don't understand the rush for parents and teachers to talk about fall and do fall activities with young if the evidence of fall's arrival is not around them. If I'm going to talk about fall with my 2-year-old, I want to make sure he can actually see what I'm referring to. That's why I waited until a couple weeks after the official first day of fall to start fall activities with my son.

The first fall activity we did was a fall mosaic tree. It was VERY simple yet fun, and it turned out pretty cute. All I did was print a picture of a tree without leaves, have Baby Bear help tear fall-colored construction paper into little pieces, and let him glue the pieces to the tree. Aside from getting a cute fall tree picture to hang on the refrigerator, this was great for Baby Bear's fine motor skills, too, as he placed the construction paper pieces (leaves) onto the tree a little at a time. We'll definitely be using this technique to do a Halloween craft this week!

This is what the tree looked like before we glued on all the leaves.

Baby Bear using his glue stick to add some leaves

The finished product. The glue stick didn't actually work so well as many of the leaves fell from the tree when I lifted the paper after Baby Bear finished (great for discussion, though!). So, we went back with some gold glitter glue and restuck the leaves later that day. I think the gold ended up making the picture look even more fall-like, though.

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