Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Fall Fun

Here are a few more fun fall activities for you to enjoy:

We 3 bears cut up 3 apples of different colors, and we each tasted the different kinds of apples. Papa Bear and I preferred the red apples, and Baby Bear's favorite was the yellow one.
We also tried different apple drinks like hot spiced cider (Baby Bear's was warm) and cold apple cider.
Going along with our apple-themed days, we read the book Ten Apples Up on Top by Dr. Seuss and tried to balance apples on our own heads when the story was over.
We also tried new pumpkin recipes like pumpkin chili...
And pumpkin crunch cake.
We also made a leaf puppet by coloring a picture of a leaf, cutting it out, and gluing on wiggle eyes and a stick.
And what would fall be without a little football?! Baby Bear enjoyed learning how to throw and catch a ball, and he thought tackling was hilarious!
Finally, the perfect transition from fall activities to Halloween activities is to make a family trip to a farm that offers a hayride, corn maze, and...

a pumpkin patch!

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