Saturday, October 20, 2012

Candy Sorting

When you think of Halloween, what are the first three things you think of? I'll bet one of your answers was candy (with the other two likely being costumes and pumpkins). Papa Bear's favorite candy is peanut butter M&M's, and Baby Bear is following in his footsteps as this is his favorite reward for potty training. That is why Baby Bear, Papa Bear, and I decided to use a bag of fall-colored peanut butter M&Ms for a sorting game. We poured out a couple dozen M&Ms and took turns placing them into different cups of a muffin tin. Papa Bear and I gave Baby Bear more turns since this was mostly sorting practice for him, which Baby Bear didn't mind. At the end, when all the M&Ms were sorted, we each got to eat a few. It was a short, simple, yummy game that promoted a basic math skill. So, if you find yourself looking for something constructive for the kids to do with all that Halloween candy before getting to eat it, try a simple sorting game.

Baby Bear sorting some candy

After the game was over, Baby Bear wanted to use the muffin tin to balance his little figures. I didn't object... it was great for his hand-eye coordination!

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