Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Sensory Box

There are soooo many choices for items to add to a Halloween sensory box out there!!! I could have made five different sensory boxes out of all the items I thought about using. But, Baby Bear didn't need five sensory boxes, so I narrowed it all down to a water beads sensory box. I went with water beads because of their somewhat slimy feel, comparable to eyeballs (though I didn't tell Baby Bear that). I then added a few items we had around the house, some extras from our Halloween goody bags, and a couple of dollar store finds. Baby Bear has been having fun with it, so I'd say this box was a success.

Baby Bear's favorite part of this sensory box was probably getting to help make it. He helped measure the water beads, add them to the bags, and poured in all the water. I had planned on only using black and orange, but Baby Bear wanted yellow, too. It was his box, and still looked Halloweeny, so that's what we did.

The contents: a jack-o-lantern cup, a styrofoam pumpkin, plastic glow-in-the-dark skeletons, Halloween-colored jelly bracelets, rubber spiders, a pumpkin cookie cutter, plastic bat rings, wiggle eyes, glow sticks, and a McDonald's crawling hand toy.
Whatever you add for your Halloween sensory box, a cup is a must! Scooping and pouring the water beads has been Baby Bear's favorite part of playing with this sensory box so far. (It is usually his favorite part with all sensory boxes.) Sometimes he counts the beads, spiders, or bats into the cup, which provides some great basic math practice. In fact, he probably would have been happy with just the water beads and the cup... and the rubber spiders he likes to scare me with.

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