Monday, October 22, 2012

TP Roll Monsters

Empty toilet paper rolls are one of the hardest items for me to throw away because I know there are so many craft possibilities I can use them for. Halloween is an especially great holiday for making TP roll crafts. Ghosts, bats, witches, Frankenstein, mummies... TP rolls are the perfect craft item for these Halloween favorites. Since Baby Bear is just starting to learn about all these silly creatures, and because Monster's Inc. is currently one of his favorite movies, I opted for letting him create his own TP roll monsters this year. All they took were some empty TP rolls, paint, craft foam, glue, and wiggle eyes, and they turned out so cute.

Baby Bear opted for painting his monsters with his hands rather than with the paint brush.

I added some spots while Baby Bear added some wiggle eyes all over.

I helped Baby Bear make two monsters, and then he helped me finish mine. They're silly looking, but that's the point. They've got Baby Bear's artistic touch for sure, which makes me love them all the more.

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  1. Hehehe:) My toddler would LOVE this! Thanks for coming to party with us at Whimsy Wednesday!

    Smart! School {House}