Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spider Snacks

I don't like spiders. Ever since I opened a closet door and had a large one jump off the door onto my face, I haven't been able to stand them. Baby Bear, on the other hand, loves spiders... mostly because he knows I don't like them, and he can tease me with the rubber spiders from his sensory box. The fake ones all over the place at Halloween don't really bother me, but Baby Bear thinks it's hilarious when I pretend they do. So, we've been including some spider books and crafts in our Halloween activities this week, one of which was a spider snack. It was very simple and quick to make, and Baby Bear thought it was yummy. I spread some peanut butter over some Ritz crackers, added pretzel sticks for legs, and added raisins for eyes. This snack could easily be adapted for kids with different tastes or peanut allergies. You could use cream cheese or jelly instead of peanut butter. You could also use carrot sticks or chow mein noodles for the legs.The eyes could be pieces of candy or chocolate chips as well. It really is a quick, easy, adaptable snack.

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