Tuesday, October 9, 2012


On one of the days we talked about rainy weather during our weather unit, Baby Bear and I made a rain stick during our art time. We used a paper towel roll, aluminum foil, dry rice, plastic toothpicks, duct tape, and decorative items.

I wrinkled the foil into a snake and poked the plastic toothpicks through it. This was meant to slow down the movement of the rice inside the paper towel roll. In retrospect, I think adding another foil snake and forgoing the toothpicks would have been easier and worked just as well.

I put duct tape over one end of the paper towel roll and placed the foil snake inside. Baby Bear added dry rice.

After I put duct tape on the other end, Baby Bear decided that the tape should cover the whole roll. So, we ended up with a penguin duct tape decorated rain stick. Baby Bear thought it was cool that when he turned the stick, it sounded like rain hitting the window.

I provided decorative items like foam stickers for Baby Bear to use on his rain stick. He added a few stickers and then decided that he liked it with just the penguins and took the stickers off. It was his rain stick, so who was I to argue. He likes his penguin rain stick. :)

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