Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rainbow Music and Art

One weather occurrence Baby Bear and I talked about during our weather unit was rainbows. That is how "Over the Rainbow" got to be one of our songs for music time. On the day we talked about rainbows, Baby Bear and I combined our music and art times. Our take-home coloring sheet from the Barnes and Nobel story time was of a star and a rainbow... perfect for our weather unit! I pulled up the scene of Dorothy singing "Over the Rainbow" in The Wizard of Oz, and we watched it over and over again while we colored the picture together. Something that amazed me about this activity was that Baby Bear actually sat and colored the whole paper. He loved most forms of art, but coloring with crayons is not among his favorites, so sitting there as the song played through four times was an anomaly. This incident solidified in my mind that music and art go very well together. We will definitely be combining more activities in the future!

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