Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rainy Day

Last week, Baby Bear and I finished up our home preschool unit on weather. We could not have asked for more cooperative weather during this unit! We were able to observe first-hand many of the types of weather we talked about. For example, on our very first day of the unit, I had planned to talk about rain, and it rained... all.. day... long! Besides just playing in the rain, we took our art and music activities outside as well! It was perfect!

Of course, we had to splash in puddles.

After playing in the puddles, we grabbed some chalk and drew a picture of a rain cloud.

Then, we drew a spider and a sun by the water spout and sang Itsy Bitsy spider over and over again.

We also observed how the rain affected the ground. I explained that the rain helped plants like trees and flowers grow. Baby Bear explained that rain made mud.

Baby Bear thought it was fun trying to catch rain drops in his mouth.

Before and during our rainy play time, we talked about how we might dress and what accessories we might use on a rainy day. I was sad that Baby Bear recently outgrew his rain boots... not like they would have kept his feet dry with all that puddle jumping anyway. :) Baby Bear thought the umbrella was more fun when used for catching rain than keeping it off him.
All in all, we had great fun learning about rainy weather through play and exploration!

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