Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Candy Corn Counting

Recently, Baby Bear has become very interested in counting. He wants to count everything: the stairs he's climbing, the blocks he's stacking, the stones he's playing with, and anything else that lends itself to counting. So, while looking through Thanksgiving activities on other mommy and teacher blogs, I kept an eye out for anything number-related. When I stumbled upon this idea from Memetales, I knew I had struck gold! Using candy corn to decorate a corn stalk was a great way to use up some Halloween candy, practice with numbers, and transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving!

I tried to get Baby Bear to color the corn before we added the candy, but he was way too excited about using candy for math to sit for that. So, I went back and colored the husks after they were dry.

Baby Bear helped me count out spots of glue on the corn, and then he added the candy. He stole a piece for each corn he decorated, hence the look on his face in this picture. :)

These are the finished ears of corn. We did numbers one through five for this activity, but Baby Bear and I are working on numbers up to ten. Come back tomorrow to see what we did for numbers six through ten!

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