Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Herbal Playdough

When our last batch of playdough started drying out, Baby Bear asked to help make some green dough (I'd like some too, actually... just of a different kind!). I started with my fallback recipe of no-cook playdough with green food coloring. When that was done, Baby Bear helped shake in some basil and a little rosemary. I don't recommend using more than just a little rosemary because it does tend to fall out as you play. I think it's still worth adding for the scent, though. This dried the dough a tad, so I kneaded it a couple of times with wet hands to help make it softer and smoother.

As we played, Baby Bear noticed that the dough had a different smell and texture than normal. Personally, I loved the smell! He seemed to like it, too. He also noticed that it had a different taste. What can I say? He knows better but is too curious to not try. Fortunately, he didn't like the taste and was good about not putting it near his mouth after that. I like this recipe, especially for November, because it goes along well with the feast aspect of Thanksgiving.

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