Thursday, November 29, 2012

Contact Paper Gift Tags

If you're looking for a cute, simple idea for homemade gift tags, this option may be for you. The materials are mostly items you likely have on hand already, and there are only 4 steps. Materials: clear contact paper, holiday cookie cutters or stencils, pencil or ballpoint pen, tape, colorful tissue paper, scissors. Steps:

1. Trace the cookie cutters or stencils onto the clear side of the contact paper (not the paper side). It will be hard to see when the paper comes off, so make sure your lines are clear.

2. Tape the contact paper to a wall or window, sticky side out.

3. Add tissue paper to cover all the traced shapes.

4. Cut out the shapes. You'll probably have to do a little tissue paper trimming where your little one added more paper than necessary. A tip for this part: I took advantage of Baby Bear adding too much tissue paper by adding another layer of contact paper before I pulled it off the wall (picture a tissue paper sandwich). That way, when I cut the pictures out, I got two tags for every one shape I cut out. I had to do a tiny bit of patchwork this way, but it was still faster than cutting out more images.
The resulting tags are lightweight but sturdier than the paper, sticker, or thin cardboard tags you can buy at the store. I'm going to add the names using a Sharpie pen and then attach them to family presents for Christmas.

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