Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Handprint Christmas Tree

I came across this adorable handprint Christmas tree on The Other White House blog the other day and found it irresistible. I didn't have canvas and wasn't sure Baby Bear would cooperate enough for it to turn out well anyway, so we gave it a try on a large piece of white paper. We made it to the last handprint when this happened:

Baby Bear didn't like what was supposed to be the final product, and decided to add his own personal touch. I was glad I hadn't bought a canvas.
Still, the idea of a handprint tree was appealing, so I adapted. Instead of using painted hands, I used traced hands. Baby Bear let me trace each hand once onto green construction paper, and then I traced those hands onto more construction paper until there were six total. Once they were cut out, I glued them to a piece of red paper in a tree shape and gave it to Baby Bear to decorate. He added foam lights, ornaments, stars, and presents stickers to the tree. He also grabbed a misplaced nearby pen and added his signature to the top of the red paper. The painted handprint tree would have been cute, and I still hope to try again some day, but I love how the traced hands tree turned out! It was a much better fit for my Baby Bear.

Adding stickers

His tree

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