Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ice Play

Sorry it has taken me so long to upload some of my summertime activities. I took the pictures on my phone, and my phone was having issues with the pictures. All is well now, though.

Around here, our hot days a numbered (thank goodness!), but playing with ice is a fun activity for those summer days that remain. All I did for this activity was dump a couple dozen ice cubes into a large, plastic mixing bowl, set Baby Bear outside where it was war, and let him play. That's it! As he touched the ice, I repeated many times, "Cold. The ice is cold," followed by a shiver and "brrr" sound effect. As the ice melted, I explained to him in simple terms what he was seeing (i.e. Look! Now there is water!)

So simple, yet so fun for Baby Bear. :)

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