Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mixed Beans Sensory Box

Three bags of mixed beans added to the peas from our old black-eyed peas sensory box equals tons of toddler entertainment! Seriously, that's all that is in this box... beans and black-eyed peas! And he loves it! Sometimes I give Baby Bear little cups and scoops to use with the box, and sometimes he chooses little toys to bury and dig up over and over again. I confess that this sensory box requires a lot of clean-up because the beans and peas get all over the place; but, this is a box that Baby Bear can help with clean-up. I'll either hand him the brush and dust pan from his toddler cleaning caddy so he can sweep along with me, or he can pincer grip the little pieces and put them back in the box. Every time I see how much fun he has with this sensory box, I am reminded that the clean-up is worthwhile.

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